What is a Veterinary Technician?

WHAT IS A VETERINARY TECHNICIAN? Veterinary technicians are animal nurses (and much more). In addition to their nursing duties, they act as patient advocates, phlebotomists, radiology technicians, laboratory technicians, anesthesia technicians, and surgery technicians. Except tasks legally restricted to veterinarians, such as diagnosing disease conditions, performing surgery, prescribing medications, and prognosing medical outcomes, veterinary technicians

First Reliance Bank – Pet Adoption Event

Harbor Point was proud to be representing our local veterinary clinic at First Reliance Bank’s Pet Adoption Event! We had an incredible time meeting everyone and enjoying the beautiful weather.  

The Pitbull – A Muscular Ball of Love

Size: Medium Average Weight: 25-65 lbs (Widely varies due to mixes) Average Height: 18″-21″ at shoulders. Average Lifespan: 8-15 years Stimulation & Excercise Requirements: Trainability: Good With Other Dogs: This varies and is dependant on the dedication of owners to properly socialize. The rehoming of an adult should also be considered as a factor. This

Xylitol Poisonings ~Pet Poison Prevention Month~

AAHA publications  NEWStat  2021-03 Stealth xylitol poisonings on the rise by Tony McReynolds – 3/25/2021 “We’ve seen a massive jump in the number of xylitol calls that we’re getting,” said Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, DABT, DABVT, of the Pet Poison Helpline: they’ve doubled over the last five years. “Calls about chocolate poisoning are still number

The German Shepherd – By Dak Roberts – Veterinary Assistant

Size: Large Average Weight: 49-90lbs Average Height: 22″-26″ at Shoulders Stimulation & Excercise Requirements: Trainability: Good With Other Dogs: Common Health Issues: Genetically predisposed to the possibility of Hip Displaysia and joint issues. Possibility for g.i. upset and sometimes allergy issues which can present in the skin and g.i. upset. Best Environment: The Shepherd does best

Fear Free Practice Certification

Established in 2016, the Fear Free movement is becoming more sought after by both pet owners and members of the veterinary field. This is largely due to an increased recognition of the importance of the emotional wellness of our pets. Becoming a Certified Fear Free Practice requires a team approach to safeguard the emotional well-being

Grain Free Diets: What You Need to Know

According to veterinary nutritionists, grain-free foods are one of the fastest growing segments of the pet food market today. But did you know that the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has found that feeding your dog a grain-free diet can be linked to a life-threatening heart condition known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy or DCM? DCM causes

Lyme Disease: What you Need to Know

What is Lyme Disease?  Lyme disease is caused by four main species of bacteria that is transmitted by the bite of an infected black legged tick, commonly known as a deer tick. While Lyme disease is not transmittable from dogs to humans, dogs can bring infected ticks into your home.  Ticks  Ticks are 8-legged parasites

Ginger Spice Fall Grooming Promotion

Now through November, our Fall Grooming Promotion includes a fabulous Ginger Spice Bath and Cranberry Facial as part of our regular Spa Bath and Groom service at no extra charge! For the month of October only, first-time Spa Bath and Groom customers can take an extra 10% off! Call 704-230-0858 to make a reservation or

Storm Anxiety

Hurricane season is in full swing! For dogs with storm anxiety, the upcoming months can be stressful for pets and owners alike. Even before the storms begin your pet may begin to pant, pace, hide under furniture or in kennels, or cling to their owners. In severe cases, your pets may become destructive, chewing up