The Dangers of Summer

The Dangers of Summer

The Dangers of Summer! From backyard barbeques to trips to the lake, summer time means we all spend a lot more time out in the sun! Many of our furry friends are lucky enough to be included in the festivities! The warm weather of the season presents some unique challenges that many pet owners may

How To Choose the Right Veterinary Hospital for Your Pets

How To Choose the Right Veterinary Hospital for Your Pets People tend to have varying ideas on what makes a veterinarian a good doctor. Often they ask, “how long have you been practicing?” Assuming the longer a doctor has been in practice the more they know about animal medicine. Others look for a newer, younger

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies April showers bring May flowers… but unfortunately, that’s not all they bring! Allergy season is upon us, and even your furry family members are at risk. Signs and Symptoms In humans, most of our allergies are inhaled – we experience coughing, sneezing, runny and itchy eyes and upper respiratory infections. Dogs and cats

What You Need to Know About Snake Bites

What You Need to Know About Snake Bites Now that Spring is here you’re likely spending more time outdoors. While enjoying the warm weather your pets are at a higher risk for many illnesses and injuries, including snake bites! Fatal snakebites are more common in dogs than in other domestic animals. If your dog or

Why Choose Fear Free?

Why Choosing Fear Free Medicine is a Win for All For many pet owners, the stress and anxiety associated with veterinary visits starts before they even leave the house. From the moment the cat carrier is pulled from the closet or you pick up that leash, our pets begin to feel the stress and anxiety

Transmittable Diseases

Transmittable Diseases You love your pets and want to keep them safe and healthy. But did you know that by vaccinating your pets and using recommended monthly preventatives, you are protecting your family’s health as well? Many diseases and bugs are zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted from animals to people. Below are some common

Winter Hazards for Your Pets

Winter Hazards for Your Pets! Freezing temperatures are now a reality. While you’re bundling up to stay warm, here are some important tips to keep your furry family members comfortable and safe this winter. Walks While your pets may still jump for joy when you pull out that leash, even short leisurely walks can pose

Pyometra (The Importance of Spaying Your Pets)

Pyometra Synopsis: Pyometra is a serious and life threatening infection that results in a pus-filled uterus. This infection occurs when an animal isn’t spayed and goes into heat creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth, resulting in the accumulation of pus inside the animal’s uterus. An intact female can develop pyometra at any age, but

Is Blood Work Really Necessary?

“Is Bloodwork Really Necessary?” “Is bloodwork really necessary?” This is a question that pet owners frequently find themselves asking at the vet. Here’s why the answer is so often “yes!” Our pets can’t tell us how they are feeling and often don’t show signs of health problems until diseases are more advanced. As pet owners,