Fear Free Happy Homes

Our staff and facility are certified Fear Free. Our standards and goals are always to ensure that your loved ones are treated with the best care possible, this also means eliminating fear in any way we can. We ensure that your pet will be treated just as we would want our own to be treated, our Fear Free pledge, facility, and course certifications provide us with the information and tools to do just that but, did you know that a Fear Free visit starts from home? It’s true, while we rely on our hospital and our staff’s certification to continue the process, a successful visit starts with you. Fear Free Happy Homes provides an Incredible amount of resources, where you can learn what we have. Anything from strange behavior quirks like your pup acting out while you are on the phone, exercise/enrichment, fears/anxieties, tips for rescuing a pet, preparing for a vet visit, and much much more! There is one thing that we know for certain and it’s that fear makes everyone act in a different way, not just animals, people as well, but most of the time its presents in some form of defense. From hiding to taking a stance and defending, to knee-jerk reactions that happen without being able to think about it. The best defense against this is to try and eliminate and/or change the way a fearful situation is perceived. While our staff is trained to help answer any questions you may have, we want to also provide the tools for you and your family to confidently continue you’re Fear Free education beyond.

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