Harbor Points

Like to get treats for good behavior? We do too!

At Harbor Point Animal Hospital, we believe you should get extra cookies when you are doing your best! We call them Harbor Points. "Harbor Points" can be redeemed for cash value on your account and can be used towards any service or product purchased in the hospital. 10 points is equivalent to $1 credited to your account. We will keep track of your points and you can redeem them whenever you would like!

Happy pets make happy vets!

Weight Watchers - 50 points
Weigh your pet in the clinic. This can be earned once per calendar month.

Prevent Periodontal Disease - 150 points
Have your pet's teeth cleaned within 30 days of yearly visit. BONUS: If you perform a dental cleaning within 365 days of the dental cleaning you will receive 300 points.

Good Eats! 20-80 points
Purchase any of our veterinarian-recommended pet food. We know it's good! Points will be dependent on amount of food over $20 purchased.

Refer a Friend - 250 points
Refer someone to our hospital. Make sure they let us know so you can receive your points.  Learn more here!

Tell Us What You Think - 50 points
Leave us a review on Facebook or Google. Points can be earned once per site.