National Kids and Pets Day

There is nothing cuter than the age-old imagery of a kid their best pet friend. The first thing they greet in the morning, the thing they are most excited to return to after school, and the best secret keeper of all time. There is also something amazing about the intense fascination a kid has with an animal, something nostalgic that hits home. Today 04/26/2021is National Kids and Pet Day and we want to celebrate those best friends. Most of us have had relationships like this growing up and we want to celebrate those as well! Past and present, we would love to see your most cherished moments with you and yours. Visit the links to our Facebook and Instagram and post on or to our pages, with the hashtags; #NationalKidsAndPetsDay · #KidsAndPetsDayPhotos of you with your childhood pets, your pets with your kids, hilarious ones, sweet ones, we work and live animals so they will all be great to see! Furry, scaly, hooved, slithery, you name it, someone cherishes it!