National Scoop The Poop Week

We all love our family and want to ensure happy, healthy lives. The stress of cleaning your home is never fun but, it comes with great reward. A clean home is more comforting, it alleviates stress, reduces allergies, and altogether creates a more healthy environment, body and mind.

The restroom is the very first place that any of us will notice needs to be cleaned. Whether it be at a restaurant, friends or family’s, or your own home. We prefer this to always be a clean environment and it generally leaves a terrible impression on us when we visit a restroom that is not up to par. Would it surprise you to learn that animals are very similar?

Cats, unless there is an underlying health issue will find a new place to relieve themselves if their litter box is not often scooped. Sometimes in the worst of spots like your new shoes… For this same reason, the more cats you have in your family, the more litter boxes you should have. Cats in general are tidy creatures, they spend a great amount of time grooming throughout the day and in relation to other animals prefer to be respectful with their bathroom habits. It’s the main reason they are so easy to litter train. They prefer to have a way to hide/dispose of their excretion. Some cats even prefer a more private box, while there are many options out there, you will also find many genius DIY projects for this as well. Nonetheless, ensure you are scooping often so they have a tidy place to do their business.

Dogs are a little harder to housebreak but the truth of it is, they do not like living in their own filth. With a dog that is housebroken, a lot of times you will notice their body language shows a great deal of shame should they have an indoor accident. For dogs that have a nice backyard to play in, they take great pride and joy in the luxury of being able to do this. You may notice that they dedicate a portion of the yard to their bowel movements. This is because they want to reserve the rest of the yard for activities! Dogs dislike stepping in poop just as much as people. That being said, should their “designated area” become untidy (very similar to the cat’s litterbox) they will have no choice but to move out into their play area.

Now that we have covered our pets feelings on scooping poop, we want to take this time during National Scoop the Poop Week to express some of the main reasons it is so important to “Scoop the Poop”

Staying Healthy

There are many health concerns to keep in mind when talking about fecal matter. Preventing transmission of disease is a major concern. Surely many have heard some of the more widely known ones like Parvovirus which is spread through contact with fecal matter. This aggressive virus can reach mortality rates of 90% in untreated cases. One of the first vaccinations your pup will get helps protect against Parvovirus, which is why vaccinating is so important. Another alarming aspect of the contaminated matter is the side that can be transmitted from your furry loved one to yourself. Some you may be familiar with are; Salmonella or E.coli both of which can be very traumatic to your health. There are others that can be transmitted to humans that we see in dog feces all the time in the veterinary field like Giardia. Giardia is a parasite that causes an intestinal infection that usually leads to extreme diarrhea, along with the associated symptoms of the former. Another good example we see, Roundworms. Roundworms are a parasite, upon entering the body, usually make a home in the intestines. They can cause all kinds of issues from Vomiting and diarrhea to weight loss and abdominal pain. It is very important that we clean up after our loved ones to ensure that not only they stay healthy but to prevent possible transmission to the entire family.


Attracting Pests

Animal stool obviously attracts flies and other insects but, did you know it also has the possibility to attract rats and other rodents? Rodents are attracted to feces as a food source, they also given the choice would prefer not to travel terribly far for a meal. This unfortunately could lead to infestations of the house, shed, attic, etc… In addition to rodents, the flies and bugs attracted can and usually does lead to more parasitic activity, which would again circle back to our last topic on Staying Healthy.

Preventing Stool Eating

Dogs are amazing loveable family additions but, they can also be gross. It’s not uncommon to have noticed a dog trying to eat another dogs stool, it’s disgusting but from time to time it does happen. It’s is important to monitor your dog at places like dog parks or similar activities that will provide the opportunity. Should the situation arise, it’s always best to stop them. Unfortunately, just as we can’t always be there to catch our children’s mistakes, we won’t always be there to stop our dog’s. Vigilance in cleaning your yard for your dogs and common courtesy to not leave anything behind for the next dogs to come through is absolutely the key to help prevent stool eating which in turn helps prevent parasite or disease spread.

Common Courtesy

It is our obligation as responsible pet owners and decent human beings to always consider those who will come next. Leaving pet feces behind during a walk, at the park, or even to pile up in your back yard Is damaging to everyone. The odor alone, during the summer months, as the heat rises, will become noticeable several houses over where your neighbors may be trying to have a family barbecue. The parks become messy and unsafe for families and their pets, not to mention it’s never fun to step in “It”. The attraction of pests to your home or parks causes damage to neighbors and community members, their housing, or facilities. Always assume your dog may have to poop and be prepared. You can find a vast selection of accessories to help carry poop bags when on your walk online or at any pet store. Always keep in your mind “Is this how I would want someone else to leave it?”. For your yard, there are so many options to make easy work of the cleanup.


It’s so important to keep all of this in mind during National Scoop the Poop Week and make sure to practice these things year-round. Something that in the grand scheme of things doesn’t take very long at all will make a potentially HUGE impact on not just your family but others as well.