Hurricane season is in full swing! For dogs with storm anxiety, the upcoming months can be stressful for pets and owners alike. Even before the storms begin your pet may begin to pant, pace, hide under furniture or in kennels, or cling to their owners. In severe cases, your pets may become destructive, chewing up carpet, clawing through drywall, and even attempting to break through windows or escape through open doors.

Storm anxiety is not uncommon and should not go ignored. There are a variety of things you can do to help protect your pets and help alleviate their stress in the months to come.

Make sure your pet is microchipped! It is instinctive for dogs to run away from perceived dangers. Fireworks, thunder, gun shots, and other loud noises can trigger a dog’s instinct to escape. Dogs will often jump fences and bolt out of open doors to escape to safety. Microchipping your pet greatly increases the odds that your pet will be returned to you safely.

Give your pet a safe place to go during a storm. An open crate in an interior room with soothing music is a good option. Letting your dog choose to go into an open crate can help eliminate anxiety from feeling confined. If your pet is hiding under a bed or in the closet, don’t force them out. Instead let them stay where they feel safest.

Finally, talk to your veterinarian! While not all pets require anti-anxiety medications, these medicines have been proven to greatly reduce the fear, anxiety, and stress related to storms and other stressors.

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