Size: Large

Average Weight: 49-90lbs

Average Height: 22″-26″ at Shoulders

Stimulation & Excercise Requirements:


Good With Other Dogs:

Common Health Issues: Genetically predisposed to the possibility of Hip Displaysia and joint issues. Possibility for g.i. upset and sometimes allergy issues which can present in the skin and g.i. upset.

Best Environment: The Shepherd does best having a house with a yard to run around in, with plenty of room for exercise and stimulation. This does not mean they can’t live in an apartment but, you will have to be much more vigilant by finding ways to stimulate these high drive dogs.

Average Lifespan: 9-14 years


German Shepherds are by far my favorite breed. They also remain one of the US’s most popular breeds and for many good reasons. Their devotion goes unmatched. Their dedication to their family, their job, or even the task at hand is never questioned, their versatility on what classifies their job is truly impressive. Traditionally, Shepherds have been the “go-to“ breed for herding(from which they get their name), police/military service, search and rescue, drug detection, they excel at competitive obedience, and in the last few decades, we have seen them more and more as faithful family companions. To read a more in-depth assessment of The German Shepherd from my perspective, please visit the link below.

The German Shepherd