Size: Medium

Average Weight: 25-65 lbs (Widely varies due to mixes)

Average Height: 18″-21″ at shoulders.

Average Lifespan: 8-15 years

Stimulation & Excercise Requirements:


Good With Other Dogs:

This varies and is dependant on the dedication of owners to properly socialize. The rehoming of an adult should also be considered as a factor. This is however based on my own experiences. Please see the continued article for more detailed information.


There is nothing better than the uncontainable excitement of a well cared for Pitbull. A beefy wrecking ball of happiness. Who could look past those smiles? Pitties absolutely love life and everything they do is done with such an incredible level of intensity. Because of their incredibly muscular stature, incredible agility, and overwhelming desire to please their people, Pits are often used for competitive sports such as weight pulling, agility courses, and obedience competitions. 

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