Why Choosing Fear Free Medicine is a Win for All

For many pet owners, the stress and anxiety associated with veterinary visits starts before they even leave the house. From the moment the cat carrier is pulled from the closet or you pick up that leash, our pets begin to feel the stress and anxiety of what’s to come. Sitting in the lobby can feel like ages when dogs are barking and your pet is stressed. When our pets visit a new place, they can become overwhelmed by the new surroundings, new smells, new noises, and new faces. This can result in trauma for the animal and their owner which, over the years, has contributed to a decline in veterinary visits. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety during appointments can alter bloodwork results, impact the immune system’s ability to receive vaccines, and make each subsequent visit more stressful for our furry family members. Regular checkups are as important to our pet’s health as they are to our own. With a decreased life-span, it’s even more essential to have our pet’s health monitored frequently to help catch ailments early.

Fear free medicine is new concept at the forefront of the veterinary profession. Having a veterinary staff trained in fear free techniques changes the way veterinary medicine is practiced. Time in the lobby should be limited, or even eliminated if possible. Pheromones and soft music in exam rooms can help calm your pets. Treats can be used to build trust and rapport. Exams and bloodwork can often be completed on the floor with the owners nearby for comfort. And did we mention treats? Lots of treats. A dedicated cat room helps to eliminate the stress associated with their fear of dogs, by reducing smells and noises. By decreasing stimuli in the office, pets are more at ease and tend to be more cooperative during an exam. This not only alleviates the stress for the pet, but for the owner and the staff as well. This results in better medicine, allowing our pets to live happier, healthier, and longer lives!

At Harbor Point Animal Hospital we strive to provide high-quality medicine in a Fear Free manner whenever possible! Call us today at 704.230.0858 to schedule an appointment and see for yourself just how we are changing the way pets see the vet!